Media strategy

The meaning of media strategy varies from client to client. In essence, all media related endeavors ought to have strategic thought behind their execution. We get right to the point, to the goals you have for yourself and/or your company/organization. Even that delineation offers a great example of the need for strategic thinking. As matters are often nuanced, there is often a need to assess where personal and company priorities intersect, and where they may not. Reconciling these, on an ongoing basis, is a craft for the skilled strategist. Strategic thinking lies behind choosing the most appropriate venues and outlets for you message. Where will you have the most impact? Which programs would have the most interest in your commentary, and thus invest more time in you? The list of questions to be decided are lengthy. We process them and provide options going forward. Strategy also includes messaging, careful review and crafting of statements, creating and maintaining relationships off-camera, and more. See our precision messaging section for more.

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